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Compilation of Death Zine (Chile) 2011: Video Review

Compilation of Death

This newly pressed MASSIVE tribute to old-school zine culture comes from Chile, where editors Gabriel Gatica, Joseph Curwen, and Nathaniel Colas (among a number of other contributors), have put together their second issue comprised of two volumes packed with interviews, reviews, as well as represses from classic zines past like Hammer of Damnation and Metal Meltdown among others. This issue is an Immolation special, and comes with an Immolation poster (original lineup), as well as interviews with the likes of Goreaphobia, Father Befouled, Merciless Death, Nominon, Pentacle, Thanatos, Savage Death, Undergang, Detest Records, Stench of Decay, old school zine editors, and much more. I got my copy from Dark Descent Records, but where ever you are, try and track it down!

Check out their page here: Compilation of Death

Video: Glorious Times by Alan Moses and Brian Pattison

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