Metal History Through Fanzines

Finnish scene report

Drowned Magazine #2 (Spain) 1991

Drowned Magazine #2 (Spain) 1991. Editor: “Dave Rotten”

From Drowned Productions‘ own Dave Rotten, this zine is an incredible survey of the underground from late 1990 into 1991, with a lot of original photos, some from Dave himself (apparently from a trip to Sweden that included meeting up with Dissection and others). Very informative with scene reports from Italy and Finland, well-written reviews and interviews and features on many demo-era classics such as Disgrace, Damnatory, Disharmonic Orchestra, Pandemonium, Demigod, Dissection, Infernal Death, Excidium, False Prophet, Sentenced, Human Waste, Impaled Nazarene, Convulse, Sinister, Necrophobic, My Dying Bride, Purtenance, Severence, Vader, Old Funeral, Phlegethon, Putrid Offal, Disembowelment, Malevolent Creation, Sigh, Vital Remains, Suffocation, Tormentor, Unleashed, Vacant Grave, Gorefest and many more…(courtesy of the scanning work from Tezcat from the NWN! board – many thanks/gracias).


Pagan Kalewala #2 (Finland) 1994

Pagan Kalewala #2 (Finland) 1994. Editor: “Ari Honkonen ”

Skyclad are on the cover…but not inside (sigh)….one of my all time favorite bands (after Sabbat!)…Martin Walkyier was and is among THE best lyricists in the history of metal…there – I said it! Anyways…this is a zine from Ari of the Finnish band Morningstar, with interviews/features/updates with Immolation (talking about leaving Roadrunner Records), Congestion, Necromantia, Varathron, Troll (94), a number of reviews, Finnish scene report/Finnish witchcraft history, and more. Brief, but fun (how I love that typewriter font from the early-mid 90s)…issue #1 is next – thanks S.L.!


Carrion Zine #3 (Finland) 1993

Carrion Zine #3 (Finland) 1993, Editors: “Antti Luukkanen” and “Santtu Reinikainen”

It might appear that there is an inordinate amount of zines from Finland on this site, and your perceptions are correct. I did a lot of trading with Finnish folks back in the day because well, there was a lot of cool and original music coming out of this peripheral northern European land at the time, and as such I sought to get as many zines as possible, ordering from whatever advert I got that said “Suomi.” That said, this one was a cool digest-sized zine, and I recall distinctly writing back and forth with the editor (Antti)- and at one point, late one night in 1993, I remember coming home after a few drinks and calling him up and trying to talk to him, and perhaps because of the language barrier or the sheer shock of a random call from a foreigner, it went quite…weird. Anyway, he put out a cool zine that was written in better english than most US-based zines, with cool commentary on the scene at the time, and this issue has very timely interviews with Anathema, At the Gates, and The Gathering among others, and there is even an interview with Finnish punk band Hybrid Children, who never made it far outside Suomi, but were actually very good and could have been the bigger than Green Day or whoever if they got the right ‘international push’…anyways, here is (most of) the content…