Metal History Through Fanzines

Script Infernal #1 (Sweden) October, 1994

Script Infernal #1 (Sweden) October, 1994. Editors: “Daniel Rostén and “Timo Ketola”

Ah, Script Infernal. This massive issue was packed with fantastic reading, so I encourage all of you old-school zine enthusiasts to really take your time with it. Put together by none other than Funeral Mist/current Marduk vocalist Daniel Rostén, along with Timo Ketola (later of Dauthus Zine, and other great endeavors), it spans numerous (sub)genres covering bands like Opeth, My Dying Bride, Beheaded, Krabathor, Broken Hope, Necrony, Impaled Nazarene, Rippikoulu, Seance, Rotting Christ, Thergothon, Sigh, Vomitory, Mythos, Marduk, Celestial Season, Chorus of Ruin, Deranged, and many more. The design is vibrant and clever as to be expected, however I have here an “unofficial” copy that seems to have predated the proper Alchemist and Varathron (Pt. 2) interviews, so apologies for that. Not sure if the ‘official’ numbered copies ultimately contained those pages, but they are not found in my copy. So, there is a lot of great material here, dive in, and enjoy. (Thanks to Prince of the Rodeo from Global Domination by the way!)

…until then, we have Maryland Death Fest X here this week, right in my backyard in Baltimore, so let the festivities begin…see you there!?

As always, please click PERMALINK if you wish to see the pages closer, outside of the carousel view

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